Late spring

Jun. 6th, 2011 02:46 am
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Woman on the bus to a couple of random children: "Are you enjoying the summer?"

Small child #1: "It's not the summer. It's late spring."

Smaller child #2: "Summer doesn't begin until the 21st."

Woman: "Oh my god, you're absolutely right! I was completely wrong."

So all of you get your facts right out there. It may be hot and sunny, but it is still LATE SPRING.
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Me: The houses near the University look beautiful in the snow. One had lights on their trees and made me think it was still Christmas!

A-g-nother Postdoc: Yes, I've seen the houses with holiday lights still up. It makes me think the occupant has probably died.

Me: .....

A-g-nother Postdoc: In December, January; ok. But by the end of February....

Me: .... so I think "pretty", you think "festering corpses half eaten by the pet dog"?

A-g-nother Postdoc: Well, you hear stories of bodies being found and the Christmas tree is still there and all the lights....

Me: .... so ..... research going well?
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For [ profile] lion_crest-ers, a conversation on the way back from Niagara Falls today:

[ profile] pergamond: Yukimura is evil.
[ profile] britkit27: Yukimura is totally evil.
[ profile] argentum_luna: ... and that's the way we like him.


Nov. 11th, 2009 03:48 am
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Overheard conversation between two graduate students before the start of journal club this week:

Student 1: I've been asked to give a show with the planetarium and to make it romantic.

Student 2: Romantic?!

Student 1: Yeah ... they said they didn't want any of that dry academic stuff but something fun and romantic.

Student 2: Oh...

Student 1: .... it's for two people.

Student 2: ... that could get awkward.

Lug holes

Nov. 3rd, 2009 02:57 am
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The Ministry of Health office in Hamilton is located on the 10th floor of a downtown office building. It is here that people can renew their health card, record a change of address or, in my case, register as a new resident to Canada.

[Short interlude to allow one big cheer for socialised health care \o/]

I entered the building and headed to the elevator with a gentleman who had obviously made this journey many many times before:

Man: These people are hopeless! If you were born here, they'll do nothing for you. Nothing.

Me: I wasn't.

Man: .... Oh. Then you'll probably be fine.

As indeed, I was.


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